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When marketing a dental practice, agencies offering dental marketing services have effective methods to influence your patients’ impression of your dental practice and your decision-making. Here’s a look at some innovative dental practice marketing ideas.

1. Complete teledentistic marketing

Many dental offices offer telemedicine services allowing patients to communicate with their dental providers and discuss their treatment from the comfort of their own homes. Tele-dentistry is safe, convenient and accessible. If you are a dental practitioner providing telemedicine services to your patients, your marketing strategies should:

  • Inform your patients about the teledentic service and its advantages.
  • Help patients plan their teledentic visits through your website.
  • Promote your tele-dentistry services to optimize your online visibility and your reputation with patients.
  • Highlight teledentic services to attract more patients and improve patient satisfaction.

2. Dental SEO

88% of patients use online searches to find health services. According to Google, one in 20 Google searches is for health-related information. On the first page of search results, websites get 92% of the traffic, while those on the second page barely 6%. If you want to improve your ranking, incorporate the following elements into your digital marketing strategy:

  • Incorporate service-related keywords into your website content.
  • Optimize your website content to increase online visibility and trust value.

3. Social media for increased patient engagement

Social media marketing improves your brand’s visibility with potential patients. Patients often get information about health services online. According to Pew Research, 74% of internet users use social media and almost half are looking for healthcare professionals. If you are a dental practice, these steps can help you reach patients and build the brand as a dental influencer. Elements of social media marketing to improve patient engagement include:

  • Ensure your brand’s presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Instagram and Yelp.
  • Engage your audience in thematic group conversations on Facebook.
  • Create appropriate branded hashtag discussions on Twitter to connect patients.
  • Networking with local dentists and dental specialists using LinkedIn.
  • Create a dental reference pool through a network based on Twitter.

4. Improved referral network

Well-known dental practices need to capitalize on their current patient base and increase patient referrals. You can reward patients who recommend your practice to a friend with discounts or dental products if their referred friend or family visits your clinic. Your marketing plan should incorporate the following activities to increase referrals:

  • Engage both old and new patients with referral programs executed effectively for your practice.
  • Offer referral incentives and create a rewards program.
  • Use feedback management software to collect patient feedback to plan a future strategy.
  • Analyze patient data using AI to determine their level of confidence in you and your practice.
  • Organize awareness campaigns for repeat patients and those who express strong positive reviews.

5. Dental reputation management for a better patient experience

Patient reviews and a positive web presence create a strong and trustworthy brand. Having an online patient review and complaint reporting system has a positive impact on the reputation of your department. Your patient feedback system should incorporate the following steps to improve your brand’s reputation:

  • Make sure your satisfied patients receive real positive reviews and encourage them to share their experiences online.
  • Use reputation management software to identify dissatisfied patients through their comments and ensure rapid response to patient concerns.
  • Perform a measurement of patient satisfaction by region and an analysis of emerging trends for multi-site services.

6. Content Marketing To Boost The Credibility Of Your Dental Practice

Dental content marketing is a proven strategy for keeping your website relevant. Marketing strategies for your dental office should focus on content that improves search engine rankings, attracts more site visits, and improves the chances of patients using your dental services. Your content marketing plan should focus on the following activities:

  • Use the content to showcase your unique services and capabilities.
  • Optimize your dental website content for mobile devices to improve accessibility.
  • Incorporate photos of your team, satisfied patients, office and equipment to give a realistic picture of your services to your potential patients.
  • Update the content accordingly. For example, educating patients about your brand’s safety standards during a pandemic.
  • Include an online call to action in your content.

7. Marketing campaigns focused on women

With growing professional independence, 80% of health decisions in households are made by women. Dental offices can maximize returns from this trend by designing marketing campaigns that target women. Your campaigns should include the following:

  • Have accurate and informative content on your website and all promotional materials.
  • Understand how the female market, with its different demographics, works, especially for dental practices.
  • Design social media campaigns based on peer group activities that influence women’s markets.
  • Create a marketing campaign that focuses on helping rather than selling.

8. Dental video marketing

Healthcare video marketing is emerging as an engaging and innovative communication channel. Include the following activities in your healthcare video marketing plan to get the most out of them and build your brand credibility:

  • Create videos as part of your SEO and social media marketing campaigns.
  • Share your expertise in treatments and procedures using video marketing.
  • Design personalized videos for your dental practice.

9. Email marketing for dental offices

Professionally designed and strategically implemented email campaigns are effective ways to build a solid baseline. Your email marketing campaigns should incorporate the following for maximum return:

  • Share blogs by email to let your patients know about your services, your successes and new technologies.
  • Create a mailing list and craft a strategic email campaign with a clear message.
  • Design in advance newsletters, holiday greetings and targeted campaigns for your dental practice.

10. Dental website analysis

To create a strategy that matches your practice’s business goals, you need robust health analyzes. Dental brands should focus on certain specific areas for meaningful data analysis, and your marketing strategy should use the following website analysis steps:

  • Correctly and effectively use tools like Google Analytics, Social Media Analytics, etc.
  • Track lead conversions through calls and forms.
  • Use data-driven analysis to ensure a better patient experience.
  • Make sure that the analysis code is correctly installed to capture your data as needed.
  • Analyze your data and create reports to provide you with insights to make better decisions.

11. Demographic analysis

Understand how your target customers are served in specific areas and choose the best location to promote your specialty. Your marketing strategies must integrate the following demographic analysis elements to improve the profitability of your firm:

  • Analyze your services to find your target customers and potential customers. It can find your target age and income groups, gender, etc.
  • Know your target patient to gain competitive advantage. Your schedules, your working days, your team behavior, your service costs, your website and your newsletter content, etc. depend a lot on the targeted patients.
  • Analyze patient data to find current trends and predict future ones, for example, wellness marketing campaigns designed during holiday seasons regarding high intakes of sweet and sticky foods.
  • Interpret your data to optimize your clinical performance with personalized Google Analytics solutions and social media analysis helps you.

To conclude, in addition to an effective marketing strategy for your dental practice, you also need an effective team to execute your strategies. Your team needs to know your practice goals to ensure patient satisfaction and help acquire more patients.


Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad is the Founder and Chairman of GMR Web Team, a leading digital marketing agency in the healthcare industry. He guides small and mid-sized healthcare practices / companies in customizing their online marketing strategy, focused on building a loyal patient base and improving patient acquisition. Ajay believes in an improved patient experience as the key to a successful healthcare business, which can be accomplished with the right marketing plan in place.


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