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Every night after putting my daughters to bed, my wife and I have about an hour to enjoy another episode of the show we’re engrossed in, whether it’s Stranger Things or Queen’s Gambit or, more recently, the one of the historical dramas that become so popular.

No, not Bridgerton. We watched a show that was set hundreds of years earlier in Britain called The Last Kingdom on Netflix. There is an interesting character there who, once you take the violence and drama out of the way, there is not only historical truth, but also commercial truth, which I wanted to discuss with you today. A lesson that in just a few episodes of the series came to me quite clearly and that will help you make your business stand out and be successful.

Imagine if you could explain to your target audience exactly why they should do business with you, in a way that no other competitor could duplicate? This is what we are looking at in today’s episode of Marketing Hyperdrive.

Britain in the 800s was not the organized civilization it is today. The land was divided into several different countries and territories and constantly competing at war with each other and their neighbors. The Danish Vikings saw many opportunities and regularly attacked the English countryside.

In 871, as the Danes swept the country, the Kingdom of Wessex to the south was one of the last strongholds to confront the invaders. Ruled by King Æthelred and his brothers and his father before him, the region seemed doomed to conquest. And in fact, lost a series of battles that ultimately led to the death of redthelred and the reign of his brother, Alfred. Alfred, however, was different. He had the cunning that many in the region lacked and brought wisdom and foresight to the throne.

After a few years of victories and defeats on both sides, in 878 Alfred and his staff were suddenly attacked and Alfred’s family fled to the swamps where they could hide and regroup. Any other king of the time would have been finished. His people would have been disorganized and, without a leader to guide them, left to fend for themselves and die under the heavy ax of the Viking marauders.

And yet Alfred found a way out of swamps and foul history books to reach both land and legacy.

He put to use a truth about himself that was simple but deep, which reminded me of when I studied Eric Ries’ book.The Lean Startup»As part of an entrepreneurial project. We’ve already talked about Lean Startup in reference to creating fast, agile versions of your product or service that you can test, iterate, and improve quickly. Well, before you start creating an MVP, you are supposed to create a Lean Canvas. It is a one-page business plan that has been defined in a series of statements, usually displayed in a grid format. How they are formatted is less important than the statements and questions you think about and write about.

You start by identifying the top two or three problems that your business solves and possible solutions for each specific problem.

For example, at Agorapulseone of the main issues our customers face is staying on top of their brand’s comments, replies, mentions and private messages from customers across multiple social networks, so our solution is to provide a chart of social media management edge that pulls all that is important. customer communication in a single inbox.

If you create a lean canvas for your business, or even a new product or service that you are considering, you will identify key metrics that will tell you how the business is doing, including how you will bill. and where these revenues should come from. You’ll think about your unique value proposition – a clear message that explains why you’re different – as well as the channels you’ll use and the customer segments you’ll target.

One aspect of the lean web – and most business plans – that is too often overlooked (because it’s hard to identify), is your unfair advantage. What is it about you or your brand that another competitor cannot easily buy or replicate?

Although you might be tempted to answer, « Me » or « My people, » these answers are too vague to be true or actionable. In general, almost anyone can be hired to do almost anything, so it’s hard to say for sure that this or that is irreplaceable.

No, you will have to take a closer look.

For some brands, they can easily claim that they were the first to market their particular product and solution. It’s an undeniable competitive advantage that gives brands market share and a brand reputation that can be difficult to shake off.

An example of the manufacturing sector could be a brand that controls both their supply chain and their production facility, allowing them to charge much less than their competitors. On a related note, brands like Walmart or Amazon that have such a massive footprint wield powerful purchasing power that leads to prices far below what local alternatives can offer. If you can buy a handcrafted hammer from Amazon for under $ 12, delivered to your door for free within 2 days, why would you want to go to a local hardware store and pay twice as much?

And this example is the reason why it is so important to do this exercise. If YOU are the local hardware store you know you can’t compete with the “big companies” on price, so you have to find a different competitive advantage. Why would have has anyone chosen to shop with you rather than a chain store?

It might be because people in your neighborhood know you personally and you know that people like to do business with people they know. If this was me, I would invest in a marketing campaign that made sure to introduce myself to every household in my target market through direct mail, intelligently targeted ads, and live videos.

Personally, one of my competitive advantages is the depth of my relationships with major influencers and brands in the social media marketing space. Because I have purposefully and delicately managed countless relationships over the past decade, I have positioned myself as a Networker of Networkers and this is not something that another brand or professional can easily buy or duplicate. .

Once identified, brands can think about how best to use their unfair advantage to reach their target customer segment, deliver their unique value proposition, and position their solution successfully.

What would be one of your unfair advantages?

So when Alfred was twelve he learned to read and began to study both the Bible and any other books he could get his hands on in Wessex in the 800s. Pastorale ”by Gregory the Great, the“ Consolation of Philosophy ”by Boethius, or the“ Soliloquies ”by Saint Augustine which, at the time, were only available in Latin. Alfred sought to translate these and other works into Old English and, at the same time, worked to educate more of his staff on their letters. By the time he came to the throne, Alfred had in fact established a reading and writing caste of nobility, as well as a network of informants that covered the region. Every meeting he had transcribed and would receive countless dispatches every day, keeping him abreast of the Viking’s movements.

This seemingly the most basic ability … to read and write … proved to be a distinctive advantage against a horde of violent warriors from the sea. While the Vikings were more than capable of complete carnage, they were not. had no way to send reports or important information quickly over great distances unless the messages were communicated orally. So when Alfred found himself isolated in the swamps in 878, he still kept control and offered leadership by sending monks with signed and sealed letters.

Alfred used his strength to gain a distinct tactical advantage against his foe which resulted in decisive victories. Alfred regained control of Wessex and continued to unify England, expelling the Danes and establishing his legacy for a millennium.

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