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Many digital marketing industries are still unaware of the fundamental email marketing strategies for high conversion.

However, they present good products and content before their customers. We are in an age where email marketing is still striving among other marketing parameters.

In fact, the record shows that around 90% of the conversion comes from email marketing. If so, then no one should be telling you to ignore it.

Because “the money is in the list”. Knowing the fundamental email marketing strategies will help you achieve high conversion. Gives you an edge over the rest of the internet market.

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This article outlines some best practices that correspond to high open rate, click-through rate (CTR), and highest converting.

Email marketing is not dead but upgraded to a more competitive state and a high conversion rate. It is still an advertising channel cheaper than all of them.

“In fact, email marketing and automation remain the dominant and most effective marketing channel – despite the deluge of social media, research and influencers. We came to this achievement by working on our clients’ campaigns. « – Building digital

But the truth must be told, the A / B testing campaign must follow to get what works best. Sometimes segmentation comes into play if the list is huge. Let’s say you have about 30,000 emails that you want to reach; ongoing campaign to find out what each of these can be very difficult. When sending general marketing emails.

To get a high click-through rate and conversion, you’ll strategically segment the list and hit it with a different campaign. This strategy works mainly for B2B and even B2C. Don’t ignore it.

« Advance, personal and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited spam. » -Seth Godin

There are different marketing channels:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social media marketing and the rest

In the channels mentioned above, email marketing takes the lead as it is the most effective and personal contact marketing system.

Meaning of email marketing

What is email marketing?

Email originates from sending letters. The traditional method of sending a person-to-person message near or far. This method was before the Internet age. However, some still use it today. Although obsolete, except in the case of official communication from one department to another.

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Today, such a messaging system is obsolete. When the Internet was born, email technology evolved in 1971 replacing the traditional email system. Faster, better, less time and cheaper to deliver. It has also caught on in digital marketing.

Email marketing is the use of an email system to sell products or services to the Internet marketer. Through the Internet mail delivery system.

The best time to send an email

From sending emails to friends, cooperate with the organization and associates. Right now, email marketing can’t get past the rule of a successful marketing campaign because “the money is in the list”. However, this does not happen overnight. You need to know the fundamental email marketing strategies for high conversion.

You need to optimize email:

  • Delivery
  • The opening rate
  • Call to action
  • Conversion

Otherwise, you will never get results in your campaigns? Sales copy is a far cry from letter writing. It’s all about the writing.

Those who are good at writing know exactly what I mean. Most Supper affiliates and internet marketers use copywriters for sales because it pays a lot.

There are rules, best practices and strategies that allow campaigns to deliver results. The first email campaign may not give you sales, the second third, or even the fourth depending on many factors, your strategy, delivery gate, title, and call to action.

Bad list (audience), spam or sending campaign without prior creation of notoriety, acceptance and purchase of shopping list. Some say email marketing is dead, it’s wrong: it got better.

« Companies that excel at managing email leads generate 50% more leads ready to sell at 33% lower cost. » – Forrester Research

Place the sign-up form, email sign-up form, and prompting your audience to leave an email in the box. Lead generation, promotional campaigns, sales or update of new products. One strategy is to use to achieve your goal.

Some say I’m not a copywriter. How do I write an email to make sales? It starts where you are now. You have to learn and refine before mastering. From these foundational email marketing strategies for high conversion, you inspire strategies.

Email Marketing vs Social Media Statistics Source: Optinmonster

Statistics and facts about email marketing

How do I get started with email marketing?

Start email marketing as a beginner, First choose the email provider that suits you best.

There are many providers of email marketing services that offer good value for money. Some have great dashboards, tutorials, and tools that will help a beginner figure out how to start the journey. Like GetResponse, Aweber and ConstantContanct and others.

With a 30-day free trial or a 14-day trial period, you can make sales or find out which segment is performing well on the list. From here you can shoot to a whole new level. In your campaign and taking advantage.

Create a list

A list is the number of subscribers you have to provide a product or service. Subscribers to your marketing offer or campaign from your website, blog, social media, webinar ad, or the like.

Sometimes this list is not segmented and that poses a lot of challenges. If you really want to send an offer by email. It is necessary to draw a line between who is a real customer and the passerby.

Another way is to find out who likes product A and who likes product B. You can see these are some of the fundamental email marketing strategies for high conversion in business.

To do this requires segmentation and categorization.

Once done, it becomes very easy to penetrate the customer list and get a high conversion rate.

  1. Create a Senior Tycoon
  2. Registration Form
  3. List of segments by open rate and reading behavior of emails
  4. From the dashboard you can get all this information firsthand. With this email marketing strategy, you can optimize for high conversion.

How to divide your list

  • Industry
  • Kind of work
  • Number of employees
  • Years of experience
  • Previous brand engagement

Various components of email design

  1. ) Subject line
  2. ) Body
  3. ) Motivation
  4. ) Call to action

Subject line

This is the element that catches the reader’s attention for wanting to open the content. Otherwise, it will never be opened. Leave the title but attractive to click.

Take a clue from the newspaper’s title; those who write newspapers are professional writers. Who know the importance of the catchy title. That’s why every time you pick up the newspaper, you always want to read.

The truth is, they carefully choose a headline that would motivate open rate and reading. Some even use emojis to increase open rates. That’s why you need to know these fundamental email marketing strategies before high sales conversion.

According to Mailchimp, we have the top 15 emojis that attract open rates.

An attractive title increases the open rate.


This place where the sales copy is written. The content of the product will describe itself very convincingly. Remember, every product solves a digital problem.

Having known this, one expects the function to be correctly stated.

Good sales copy gets buyers a high click-through rate. But, doing your research to find out what your buyers like is very critical.

Incentive and free package

If you want to get them, give the gifts away and see what happens next. Customers are more likely to buy discounts and bonuses than any other.

Call to action

This is where you need to go about it. Otherwise, everything will be bad for you. Remember, your goal is to make sales. If the call to action is weak, all your efforts will go down the drain.

A strong call to action is very important because every business needs profit. That’s why we stay in business.

If you can’t make a sale in the first email, go back and change the title. Write another subject line or sales copy. Run A / B tests until you make sales.

Email marketing is a personalized market system that is why it brings high rio.

According to Snovio Labs, Top 3 Email Marketing Tactics are: list segmentation 51%, personalization 50% and triggered emails 45%. e

Benefits of Email Marketing for Businesses

It creates perfect pathways for content personalization. Targeted towards a user’s need. This results in a high level of engagement and conversion.

  • Segmentation brings results

If the email is segmented correctly, it delivers faster and better results than social media ads.

It offers the possibility of doing high Rio. Since you keep engaging customers over and over again with the different deals they need.

As a result of constant email, interaction and communication. The relationship will be established over time with close contact. Community can be increased and loyalty built when your offers are very good. Since it solves their needs.


Email marketing is the best marketing system around. Ignore it but explore it. For profit maximization again and again. As you have known, some fundamental email marketing strategies for high conversion and Rio. Don’t waste time immersing yourself in this cheaper marketing platform.

Like, share and comment if you are educated enough and educate yourself on email marketing.

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