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You don’t need to be aware of the importance of customer reviews; they are essential and can help shape your business. A single critical comment could negatively impact your business, while a few positive reviews can do your start-up good. It is not only new businesses that should avoid negative feedback, but also large businesses as even they can be affected by a customer’s feedback.

The importance of online reviews is obvious

Maybe you’re still not convinced, you’re probably thinking how important they are, and does anyone bother to read them or is it just hipsters and millennials?

However, you would be surprised to hear that in 2019 the search marketing tool BrightLocal, found in their annual local consumer reviews survey that 82% of customers read reviews of local businesses, and more than half (52%) of 18-54 year olds said they read reviews every time, which means that everyone completes a level of research before making any online purchases.

Brilliant local investigation

It’s also true that online reviews have a huge influence on whether or not an individual trusts a website, with 9 out of 10 people. online review into account before making a purchase. This means that our service may be more powerful in influencing their decision than promotion and word of mouth.

This particular BrightLocal A survey also reveals how 91% of customers are more likely to use a business if it receives positive feedback from its customers.

Bright local survival on positive test

How do customer reviews affect a business’s search ranking?

The importance of positive reviews is also underlined by the fact that reviews also impact a company’s listing on search engine results.

This is illustrated by The Moz’s, “The Local search ranking factors in 2018In which some of the country’s top SEO experts were asked about factors like title tags, inbound links, and more. that most affect a company’s search engine listings. The survey concluded that the mere criticisms were the 3rd most influential factor in these lists.

Check signal

This article covers review questions for SEO rankings if you haven’t guessed it already, but that’s not all, Moz charts incorporate many variations of review signals, below is a list of each and what they are referring to. It is essential that you read them all as they will teach you the best ways to get reviews.

1. Check the quantity

According to the BrightLocal survey, the general customer reads about 10 reviews before they feel confident enough in a business; therefore, it can be disheartening for potential customers if there is not enough reviews.

2. Check the speed

This refers to the speed at which reviews are posted for your business, which means if they are posted too quickly, you will be knocked out.

3. Examine diversity

This refers to the number of sites that have reviews about your business.

4. Quantity of traditional third party reviews

The number of trade reviews found on independent sites is not owned by Google.

5. Authority of third party sites allowing reviews

When it comes to Google, some customer review sites have more power than others.

6. Overall speed of review (native and third party)

This relates to the speed at which your business obtains reviews on Google sites (native) as well as independent review sites.

7. Volume of testimonies examined

Opinions contained in microdata can also be referred to as « rich snippets », and you can view them here:

Local results

8. Number of native reviews on Google Maps

Initially, Google reviews were published on Google Maps.

9. Diversity of third-party sites that have reviews

The number of customer review websites that feature reviews about your organization.

10. Product or service keywords in reviews.

Embedding keywords in reviews is helpful, but it’s important to use a reasonable amount.

11. Number of authority examiners

User review sites such as Yelp provide some reviewers with greater authority than others, for example, if you are a new reviewer to the site, none of your reviews are published unless you are ‘Post at least 5, therefore, to improve your search ranking, it might be useful to get an “authority reviewer” opinion on the sites as such.

It’s not just about ranking signals; equally important is the industry in which your business is based.

Google has reviews of 3 companiesrd party sites that are related to the industry in which the business is based, however, ranking signals do not convey this concept well. In simpler terms, Google wants you to have customer reviews on websites related to your business; Fortunately, it’s not difficult to determine which Google review sites rank best for your industry.

Enter a quick search for reviews using keywords or the name of your industry

Examination of book hits

Check the search results–By simply browsing the search results, you are able to determine where you want your reviews, Bark at the top of the list, as usual, is closely followed by Books. As you scroll down the page you will come across more sites that use the « authoritative review » method, so there you have it, the sites that will allow you to accumulate more reviews.

Book review

By scrolling to the bottom of the Google search results, below the map on the right side of the web page, you can access even more relevant review sites. However, it is important not to get too caught up in researching all the possible review sites that your business could be rated on, so as a rule of thumb you should primarily focus your attention on 3 main sites, but it would be beneficial to list about fifteen additional sites that you can visit occasionally.


The importance of customer reviews depends on the industry in which your business is based

Categorizing all local “small” businesses is an inefficient method; this is also true for reviews. The BrightLocal survey that is presented in this article aimed to find out what types of businesses people are looking for on the internet, it was found that businesses such as restaurants are sought after all the time, while businesses such as accountants and lawyers are less sought after. often, however, online reviews are still very important to these businesses, but even more so to dentists and restaurants, whose reviews are actively verified by potential clients and patients.

How to collect reviews

After you have learned how each review site works and have distinguished the sites on which you intend to get reviews, it’s time to ask for reviews; however, it is a process that is most efficient when assessors are given an instruction sheet. For the Yelp review site in particular, you shouldn’t explicitly ask for a review, instead you should encourage people to « check us out on Yelp »

How to manage critical customer reviews

Regardless of how much effort you put into your business, even if you work for hours during the week, it is inevitable that a critical review will emerge. Reviews like this can negatively affect your morale and could potentially be the difference between a customer choosing your business or not, with 82% of customers less likely to use a business after reading negative reviews.

A critical review is not necessarily the end of your business; rather, it is your answer that will determine the outcome of whether or not a customer chooses your business. For example, if you respond quickly, remain calm and polite, while putting forward solutions to overcome these issues, customers are more likely to choose you, given your determination to provide the best product / service.

However, if you choose to do nothing about a critical review, you are more likely to suffer as customers are less likely to choose your business given your blatant disregard for anyone’s complaints. Therefore, responding to negative comments on just one site is inadequate, you should do so on all sites where your business is reviewed, and that specifically includes sites specific to your business.

It is essential to be aware that any customer spends time providing the finer details of their experience with a business, so you should do the same and show the same care and concern in responding as best you can. any comment, which means you should provide as much detail and clarity as possible.

What is your opinion?

After learning how customer reviews affect search engine results, does it make sense to spend more time processing customer reviews? For those of you who have already set up a rating program, we would love to hear from you, so please comment on your opinions on whether or not you think ratings are beneficial for your search engine listings. .

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