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Now that you know why go through an SEO agency, you are probably wondering how to find the rare pearl? Unfortunately, find a SEO agency, UN SEO expert, where any equipped with web marketing can be difficult for a business owner who does not have some knowledge of SEO. Indeed, anyone can claim to be an SEO expert and release a certificate found deep in the net to prove their skills. The truth is, you can never be 100% sure you’ve chosen the right team to support you.

This article is not intended to prove to you by A + B that our web agency is a better choice than any other team of digital marketing experts. This article is intended to help you analyzer the right elements when you have to choose the team that will advise you in your SEO strategy. We will therefore cover the important points to consider before stopping on a smile, a price or a promise made by a representative.

  1. « Going through an SEO agency is expensive »
  2. « Another SEO agency offers me cheaper elsewhere »
  3. Dare to ask all the questions you have in mind to your SEO agency
    1. What questions should you ask your SEO agency?
    2. Learn about your SEO experts
  4. Small or big SEO agency?
  5. How to choose your agency to improve your SEO

1. « Going through an SEO agency is expensive »

This is the remark that comes up most often at the center of negotiations between web agencies and their clients. Some think that the costs billed by the agencies are not that high compared to the time spent training, keeping up to date and analyzing every element of a site in the but to find the factors blocking its good indexing on Google.

As far as we are concerned, we believe that calling on a team of SEO and Web Marketing experts is expensive. It is expensive in time, in silver and in energy. The agency that manages your SEO / advertising strategy has less to lose than you. After all, you are just one customer …

You must therefore ensure that the expenses related to the services of this natural referencing team are quickly turn into an investment in order to receive the benefits that you have been promised.

You understand, your agency must be accountable to you and justify its rates. Many business leaders are content to “trust” without taking the time to analyze the ROI of their digital marketing spend.

Remember: SEO or internet advertising is cheap if you get the ROI you are happy with.

2. « Another SEO agency offers me cheaper elsewhere »

More and more SEO and web marketing agencies include the importance of pulling prices down to continue to grow their number of customers. Since prices cannot be reduced ad infinitum, quality must be forced down to continue to be profitable. It is at this level that we find the agencies specializing in SEO on Google who have chosen to outsource in India, Madagascar or Asia to find cheap labor. Obviously, nobody talks about it and everyone advocates “local”.

You can’t imagine the number of times a week that agencies (including us) get approached for outsourcing requests like this. At My Little Big Web, we are also looking to lower our prices to remain competitive, but not by subcontracting to other agencies in the but to lower our costs.

 » Hello,

We have been a Tunisian seo agency for over 6 years now.

We offer you the management of your netlinking campaigns at a very competitive price.

Netlinking is a service that we have been offering since 2010. This service is 100% manual provided by qualified and trained people. Our working method always adapts to the latest requirements of search engines, mainly Google.

The main objective is to have quality links at a pace and a natural appearance and this from sources with high added value.

The links will be on various pages: blog articles, partner pages, content pages, etc. We do not work on directories and, say, press release platforms. Also, our links are not put on pages with a significant number of external links.

And Bla Bla Bla … « 

That said, this method has been working for a long time and we are happy to pay our t-shirt $ 8 instead of $ 70 (thank you globalization). The problem is when you thought you were getting a good deal and didn’t know that your T-shirt will look like nothing after it goes through the washing machine.

It’s EXACTLY the same when it comes to choosing your SEO agency: take the time to read the label! Keep in mind that if you cannot understand the composition of your favorite spread (we will not mention Nutella), it must not be that good for you …

You can also help yourself online reviews. Who better to talk about an SEO agency than its own clients? You can quickly see if the price is worth it.

SEO agency faq

Dare to ask all the questions you have in mind to your SEO agency

What questions to ask your SEO agency

SEO, online advertising, website creation or any discipline you you are not in control should have no secrets for you if you decide to invest money. You may not be able to write down the knowledge of the SEO who will try to sell you their services, but you may observe his reaction to your questions. Do not hesitate to tackle more or less technical subjects:

  • “How do you make sure the traffic is qualified?”
  • « How do you monitor the evolution of search engine results? »
  • « Does the SEO strategy you are putting in place include outbound and inbound links? »
  • “What about the internal mesh?”
  • “Have your customers ever had penalties for your SEO optimization?”

At My Little Big Web, it’s Maxence, the agency’s co-founder, who answers all your questions by phone. In addition to that, we have a list of frequently asked questions, which will surely answer a lot of your questions.

In fact, it is quite quick to write down the seriousness of the person you are talking to: do you feel comfortable with your questions? Does he answer your questions or is he trying to get by as best he can? Many “SEO / Advertising sellers” don’t know anything about it because they just aren’t in charge of executing the mandate (whether their business is big or small).

Tell yourself one chosen thing: if you don’t understand what the expert / salesperson is telling you, it’s probably because they are trying to confuse you. An SEO expert will know how to put himself at the true level of expertise of his interlocutor to provide answers to the questions that are continued to him. By evaluating the knowledge of your interlocutor, you will succeed in quickly unmasking imposters. Here are the embarrassing questions to ask if you have any doubts about the seriousness of the expert who comes before you:

  • How can you prove to me the knowledge you claim to have?
  • Can you explain to me how you manage to be less expensive than your competitors?
  • Are you Google certified? 9 times out of 10, the person will tell you yes, but 9 times out of 10 it is wrong. Ask her to prove it to you, you may never see her again.
  • What guarantees can you give me?
  • Can I contact clients of yours to find out their level of satisfaction?
  • Can you give me concrete details on how you plan to achieve my goals?

No customer asks these kinds of questions, surely because they do not dare or they think that « it is not done ». It is, however, a great way to discourage less serious SEO agencies.

Experts Find out about your

Do not hesitate to search the web to find proof of the qualifications of your experts. If an agency has certain accreditations, this is already a first proof of reliability. A good SEO agency, or a good SEO expert, will not only be able to highlight their accreditations and certifications, but they can also provide you with proof.

certifications to choose your SEO agency

Finding out about projects that have already been carried out will give you a first opinion on the experts. On the websites of most agencies, you will be able to access a portfolio section. At My Little Big Web we have gone further by offering you case studies. Through these, you can access the websites of customers who have used our SEO service. We also offer a very short analysis of the services and strategies deployed with a very simple presentation of the results.

SEO agency choice case study

If ever the agency you are inquiring about does not offer you this kind of information, ask them for references from former clients (recent ones preferably). You can visit their website to see the actions taken and you can even contact them for more information.

Small or large SEO agency

In reality, it doesn’t matter, because anyone can outsource the work or lie about their skills. The important thing is who is going to do the work and who will be accountable to you. If the person making you sign the checks is not the same person doing the work (as is often the case), you need to know who to call in case of a problem on your website and get answers quickly. The first six months are very important when you start working with a company in charge of your digital strategy. You should soon if you are treated like you were promised and if the results on the search engines are up to your expectations.


A large agency often tends to reassure clients because it has been around for a long time and has a portfolio of clients large enough to provide you with many referrals. The downside is often the fact that you are one of 500 customers and your level of importance depends on the amount you pay.

The small agency may seem riskier but you will have less difficulty speaking directly to leaders and having your opinion heard. Again, size is less important than who is going to take care of your account and how you are viewed by this SEO agency.

How to choose your agency to improve your SEO

Ask all the questions you want and compare the speeches. A true enthusiast will always be happy to answer your questions and explain how SEO works. He will not try to close the sale at all costs. It is important that you have confidence in the person who will take care of your image on the internet. Price is something to consider, but it’s not the only one. Indeed, if a company offers you a 50% cheaper price, but does not meet its obligations, it will be more expensive than the one that fulfills them. Either way, the results speak for themselves.

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Do not hesitate to contact us at 514 572 7758 or via our Contact form if you would like to speak to an advisor who will answer all of your questions.


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