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Confirmation emails are one of the crucial aspects of email marketing and are a powerful tool for businesses to get more customers and increase conversion rates. Confirmation emails are the emails companies send to their customers when they make a purchase with their brand.

The main purpose of sending confirmation emails is to verify the action taken by a customer or customer and usually includes the order number, a quick thank you message, and the order summary.

Confirmation emails are a crucial part of a business, regardless of industry. They are created or designed to reassure customers and to reach customers at a vital point in their journey with your business.

Types of confirmation emails

Different emails are sent for different purposes, and businesses send confirmation emails for the following reasons:

Order confirmation- this is sent after a customer has made a purchase and includes the order detail with an expected delivery date.
Reservation confirmation- this email is usually sent when a customer books a hotel or plane ticket or any other type of reservation.
Shipment Confirmation- sent when a sales order is shipped and includes the order summary.
Newsletter confirmation- sent when a user subscribes to your newsletter.
Confirmation of appointment- sent after making an appointment for a specific purpose with the relevant details.

Confirmation emails also include relevant links to valuable resources for the particular event or purpose.

Why are confirmation emails important to businesses?

Confirmation emails are automated messages sent by businesses that end up directly in the recipient’s primary inbox. These emails are more likely to be opened than to end up in the spam folder. Confirmation emails typically contain critical information about a customer’s purchase and order shipping information and have higher click-through rates than other types of emails.

Confirmation emails are very crucial for businesses as they play a key role in increasing brand awareness. Additionally, with changing technological trends, AI-based companies like ONPASSIVE are relying on AI-powered email marketing solutions to improve their customer experience.

O-Post ONPASSIF, for example, is a one-stop solution to improve the overall email marketing campaign and reach customers with bulk and automated emails. It simplifies the email marketing process with easy integration and email automation. In addition, ONPASSIVE O-Post is a highly secure tool that mainly focuses on excellent customer support and accurate delivery of emails to clients and customers.

These emails are crucial for businesses because they help:

  • Establish and start a conversation with customers
  • Track valuable customer data
  • Communicate with customers at critical points in the sales funnel
  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors
  • Use CTA to increase conversion rate

Email Marketing Tips For Creating Better Confirmation Emails

Here are some email marketing tips that help businesses design and create better confirmation emails to boost their marketing efforts:

Optimize the subject line of your email

A subject line is the first thing that catches people’s attention when an email is sent. Confirmation emails are the emails most people expect. Marketers should take advantage of this fact and go the extra mile to make the subject line of the email more interesting.

Personalization of the subject line of emails plays a crucial role in grabbing the attention of readers and can increase marketing effectiveness.

Make a good impression

Marketers should provide clear information about the customer’s order and provide contact information in the email for any customer support if needed. It is also essential to notify customers or customers of any delay in shipping or delivery.

It is imperative to strike up a conversation with the issue or information of greatest concern, and then confirm. Making a good impression with customers is essential for success in your marketing efforts.

Include crucial details

All relevant information that a customer needs to know about their order should be included when sending emails to confirm their purchase.

  • These details include:
  • Order number
  • Payment information and invoice summary
  • Explanation of tracking and shipping
  • Images and description of products or services
  • Expected delivery date and
  • Contact details for customer support and further assistance

This gives customers a clear picture of their order from your business.

Keep it all on the mark

From design to copy, all elements of the email should include elements of your branding, such as your brand logo or colors, which helps recipients understand that the email is from. your brand at a glance.

The color scheme, logo and information presented in your confirmation email should be eye-catching and easily understood by readers and differentiate u = you from its competition.

One of the main email marketing tips is to present customers with information that is conducive to marketing your brand, products or services, thereby providing customers with more value. Adding an actionable CTA button at the end of the email will be an added benefit for marketers to be successful with the email marketing campaign.


Confirmation emails are the primary type of emails that most customers often look forward to. Therefore, marketers and businesses should make sure to create these emails in an attractive way to differentiate them from other promotional emails. Experimenting with an email template, body copy, and images is a great way to make those emails more interesting and attract more customers to your business.

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