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URLs have a direct impact on your SEO. Optimizing them makes enlargement part of good practices for your natural referencing that we recommend as SEO agency. They not only allow improve user experience, but have had a concrete impact on your positioning since search engines attach great importance to them.

Fr optimization of your urls, you guarantee yourself a certain credibility in the eyes of Google and Internet users since they will be visible everywhere! Yep, every time someone shares your pages or visits your site, your URLs will be visible to everyone. Changing a URL is not chosen easy, so you have every interest in optimizing them as soon as possible. creation of your pages.

The optimization of your URLs is the spreading related to your choice of domain name (in blue on the image below). We have also presented our advice on optimization of your domain name for your digital strategy. However, the domain name only corresponds to a small part of your URL, so there are different techniques to optimize the following, called the « way » (in red on the image below).

Optimization url

Through this article, our team SEO experts reveal their techniques to optimize your URLS.

  1. How to modify or create a URL?
    1. Use a plugin
    2. Change a URL external to your website
  2. How to optimize your URLS?
    1. 1. Include keywords
    2. 2. Go for simplicity
    3. 3. A URL should help the user to structure your website
    4. 4. A URL must be unique
    5. 5. Use dashes
    6. 6. Limit the number of characters
  3. Optimize URLs for SEO

How to modify or create a URL?

By definition a URL, Uniform Resource Locator, corresponds to the address of a site on the internet. Each page has its own URL. A URL is divided into several parts:

  • The protocol: « Http: // » is the best known protocol, but other protocols exist all the same.
  • The domain name: mylittlebigweb.com
  • The path: it is a continuation which will make it possible to reach a specific page. All pages on your site start with the same protocol and domain name, but the path will be different. As for this page, the path is « / comment_realiser_un_audit_seo / »

Sample website URL

When we speak optimization of your URL, on associate this with the optimization of your path since the domain name is something inseparable from all of your pages.

How to modify or create a URL?

1. Use a plugin

We still come back to the use of the plugin WordPressSEO by Yoast. It is directly available in the « writing » part of your WordPress interface:

plugin for modifier url

The « Slug » corresponds to the path that we have already touched on. Via the Yoast PlugIn, you can directly modify it.

2. Modify a URL external to your website

In this article, we are going to mainly tell you about your website URLs. However, URLs are everywhere and you can often change the path to them. It is possible to modify that of its LinkedIn profile, his YouTube page or even his Facebook page for example.

LinkedIn modifier URL profile

The advice we give you is of course applicable to all of your URLs, regardless of the platform.

How to optimize your URLS?

We explained how to optimize your meta-descriptions, now it’s time to move on to URLs! Before revealing all the tips for optimizing your URLs for SEO, I want to remind you of a good practice regarding URLs. In an ideal world, URLs should never change. We choose the right URLs, correctly optimized with the right keywords from the creation of the website and we would not change them again. Of course, we are not in an ideal world so we sometimes have to bend this rule but take the time at the beginning to do this optimization work. If done correctly, you will have peace of mind for life ?.

1. Include keywords

Keywords, always and again them! We keep telling you the importance of keywords in SEO, but it really is of a good practice to be implemented everywhere : in the content of your website, your social networks, but also in your URLs.

embed keywords in the url

We have written several articles on keyword research, I strongly invite you to read them. Including keywords in its URLs will allow the Internet user to understand the relevance of your link and it helps those who receive the URL via sharing links. In addition, there is no need to re-specify that the search engines will be able to better understand your content thanks to URLs made up of keywords.

2. Go for simplicity

This advice is very important, especially when choosing your URLs. The URL being the address of your page, it is important that it can be understood by both search engines and your visitors. This point is more important make it easier to share your content. Indeed, if your URL is too long, your visitors may be tempted to delete part of it before sharing it (which will corrupt your link) or even give up sharing it. If it is made up of a series of numbers and letters without any meaning, it’s an element of your page not optimized for Google. Either way, it’s not good for you.

A URL must therefore be easy to read and remember.


3. A URL should help the user to structure your website

By reading your URL, visitors and bots should be able to easily understand where they are on your website.. Taking care of the structure of your URLs will help you take care of the overall structure of your site, a check that the organization of your content is optimal and that you no duplicate content.

This advice applies especially to websites with a large and very diverse content as Amazon. Your URL path can often match breadcrumb. A URL can very well be similar to the navigation path taken by Internet users.

example breadcrumb url

4. A URL must be unique

remember that each url must be unique as well as the content to which it relates. We have informed you of the dire consequences of duplicate content. If your content is accessible through two different URLs, you risk splitting the reputation of the content between URLs and ending up with duplicate content.

If we take the example of these two URLs, if one of them is not redirected to the other, and the pages are identical, it will be duplicate content.

SEO Duplicate URL Optimization

duplicate URL optimization SEO example

Google penalizes duplicate content quite severely, because not only it is detrimental to the user experience, But it complicates the task of the search engine for indexing. How can he know which content to redirect the Internet user to if two URLs display the same content?

Sometimes when two similar content is displayed on two different URLs, you may need to perform redirects. You must redirect similar pages to the same unique URL. We will talk about 301 redirect, or permanent redirect. More simply, this is a case where one URL is redirected to another, the domain authority being also transferred to the page in question.

301 redirect URL optimization

Note that it is very common to find duplicate content on E-commerce sites. I therefore invite you to really take the time to think carefully about your categories and the structure of your site. These are the main reasons for duplicate content for online stores.

5. Use dashes

It is also important use dashes to link words in your URLs. You cannot insert spaces in your URLs, the only way to divide your characters is by using hyphens. However, do not try to be original by using underscores « _ », or other specific characters like «  » « or » & « . It is not pleasant, neither for the robots nor for your visitors. Internet users are too used to reading URLS with regular dashes. Changing this aspect will only drive your visitors away.

otpimize its urls by using dashes in url

6. Limit the number of characters

Here is a link which is not at all optimized:

example URL too long

Besides being a lot too long to be held or shared, this type of link can be scary. Unoptimized URLs can often look like fraudulent sites. In order to maintain credibility in the eyes of both Internet users and search engines, you must offer URLs related to your content, relevant and serious.

Optimize URLs for SEO

If you follow these 6 tips, you can be sure that your natural referencing will be positively impacted. No matter your urls, make sure to simplify them as much as possible, for you, for Internet users and for search engines.

Please note, URL optimization is not just one step among many others. SEO is a job of lengthy, which is done on time. Yup, website optimization is long and complicated but it’s worth it. Start with this, your page authorities thank you later, believe us!

You can contact us by calling us at 514 572 7758 or by filling out our Contact form . Our SEO experts will be happy to help you with your online strategy and especially with optimizing your URLs.

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