how videos can increase your conversion rate
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Is Your High Quality Video Content On Your Website Driving Traffic But Not Conversions? If your answer is yes, you are not alone – this is an issue that many marketers and business owners face.

Acquiring traffic is only profitable if you can convert these new site visitors into paying customers.

With the pandemic forcing the majority of businesses to bring their businesses online, it’s important to optimize your website as much as possible and keep an eye out for new optimization opportunities.

Content marketing and video marketing should play an important role in your ongoing optimization strategy. This article offers some tips to help your videos get more views, generate more leads, and most importantly, convert those leads into sales.

Why video marketing is vital

Video marketing is a popular marketing strategy because people generally prefer videos over static images and text. Videos can be both informative and entertaining, which is one of the main reasons video content has easily overtaken other forms of content in terms of user consumption.

Well-placed video content, paired with a good video marketing strategy, can increase conversion rates by up to 80%, but creating compelling videos isn’t enough to drive conversion. Without video conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies, your video can take up valuable real estate space on your website without generating sales or profit.

Many companies invest in professional agencies that provide video marketing services because these agencies have video CRO tools, experience and technical expertise that guarantee results.

Video conversion rate optimization strategies

Besides uploading your content to YouTube or your website, a solid video marketing strategy should be implemented. Let’s take a look at some video conversion rate optimization strategies:

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Optimize video placement

You need to select the best platform or channel to publish your video content. It could be your social media, YouTube, your business landing page, or your product page.

Subscription-based businesses can drive more conversions by placing videos on their landing page, while e-commerce retailers can insert video content on their product pages. Evaluate where to put your videos and don’t just rely on social media platforms.

Optimize video type

For the optimization of the video conversion rate, it is important to create the content that your audience wants. There are different types of videos you can download: promotional videos, how-tos, company culture videos, customer reviews, and product tutorials.

A / B testing can help you with your video CRO strategy. You can broadcast your video content simultaneously on different platforms and channels, such as webinars, social media, and product pages, to collect viewer engagement data.


Another video CRO technique involves adding links that help improve the user’s navigation or shopping experience. An example is by incorporating Live Link Video technology that makes your video interactive. Through this, you can add hotspots that allow viewers to click on certain parts of the video which redirect them to the product page.

Another item you can add for video conversion rate optimization is a lead capture form. You can use the Turnstile feature, a Wistia offer, to insert a lead capture form at any point in your video. You have the option of using it to completely filter your video content or as an option to offer it to viewers who want to receive updates from your business.

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Turnstiles placed in the top 10 to 20 percent of the video have conversion rates of 38 to 43 percent. Viewers are generally willing to fill out these sign-up forms in exchange for access to future videos or content, especially if your video has a powerfully compelling intro.

Use marketing automation

Integrate automation tools with your video hosting platform to help you gain insight into your current video marketing strategy, as well as generate leads from video audience data. These tools allow audience segmentation, lead nurturing and return on investment (ROI) monitoring.

Agencies offering video marketing services use marketing automation platforms to expand their marketing efforts by automating manual and repetitive processes.

Creation of high converting video content

While most videos quickly grab the attention of users, it takes a great video to engage your viewers and get them to subscribe to your channel or buy your product. With the myriad of choices your target audience has on the internet, it’s important to stand out so that they don’t leave your website. Here are some tips for making a high converting video:

Hire a professional

Hiring an agency backed by years of experience and technical know-how to provide the necessary video marketing services is your best bet. Full-service video production companies can take care of everything from creative services to delivery.

Personalize your sticker

Smiles evoke friendliness and openness, so consider using a smiling person on your thumbnail. There are tools online that can help you create an eye-catching video thumbnail.

Make your video concise, fun and entertaining

Users tend to lose interest over time, so keep your videos concise. Immediately entertain your viewers to keep watching.

Provide product information

Present your product from different angles and provide as much detail as possible. Items to include include product features and benefits, durability, ease of use, shipping, and returns.

Tell a story

It helps to establish a connection with your customers. How-to videos highlighting the value the product can bring have been shown to increase conversion by 20%. Brand storytelling can also capture the attention of your target viewers.

Earn the trust of spectators

Adding videos to your site or product page helps build customer confidence and can increase conversion rates by up to 46%. Putting a face to a name or brand makes your business more accessible to your target audience.

Understanding what is the right format for your target audience to receive your information plays a role in persuading them to become a customer. Providing the right high converting video is essential for online marketing success. Your video is an important part of the buying cycle, so it pays to develop a good video marketing strategy to drive conversion and speed up sales.

In this blog post, we have listed some tips for optimizing your video content for conversion. We hope this will help you drive sales and position your online business for success.


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