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What will you learn from this guide?

Confused about how to target bloggers geographically? This blog will help you.
In this blog, you will get a detailed overview of:
. What is the awareness of bloggers by country?
. Why you need multilingual blogger awareness
. How to make bloggers aware of a specific country

After reading this blog, it will be easier for you to develop a blogger outreach strategy for local benefits.
Let’s dig up.

If you’ve never heard of geo-targeted blogger outreach, this will be just a fancy word for you.

But it’s not!

In case you…

  • Run a local business
  • You want to target the audience of a particular location
  • Need to give a local touch to your business
  • Seek to expand your business into different regions

… Geo-targeted blogger outreach services are no longer an option for you. They become a necessity!

What is geographically targeted blogger awareness?

If you are reading this article, it means you already know what blogger outreach is and why you need it.

(For more details, here is our blog on all things blogger outreach)

But when we combine geo-targeting and blogger outreach, things change.

Geographically targeted blogger reach

Your approach to blogger outreach wears a localized cape.

You are NOT targeting:

  • Global Bloggers
  • Global target audience
  • Global business advantages

Instead, your goal is to maintain your efforts:

  • Geo-specific
  • Concentrated
  • Laser

But here the question is:

Why take a country specific blogger outreach approach when international outreach can target a wider audience and generate wider benefits?

Does that sound crazy?

Well, it is not.

Here is your answer.

Why do you need blogger outreach specific to your country?

To answer this question, let’s dive into a scenario.

Suppose you run a local bakery in France.

You bake finger-licking macaroons and croissants.

Everyone living in your LOCALITY comes to your bakery, and you are a LOCAL superstar.


Although this is a famous French bakery, you can’t expect an American to come every morning to buy bread from your bakery.

Or you can’t expect an Italian couple to give you an order for their wedding cake.

(unless you made a cake for a famous French wedding … eh?)

Obviously, only locals will search for your bakery online, place an order, or visit it.

Reach of bloggers

This is where location targeting helps.

When you contact country-specific bloggers with local traffic and audience, you ensure that:

  • Your website will gain local awareness.
  • You will get traffic from the targeted local audience.
  • Your relationship will improve with bloggers in your area.
  • You can expect local customers to visit your physical store.

This all happens because you are targeting the right people in the right place for the right results.


Now you know why you need country specific guest posting and blogger outreach services.

The next question is:

Do you do outreach to geo-targeted bloggers like you do to international bloggers?

Let’s find out.


Step-by-step guide to raising awareness among geographically targeted bloggers

Most companies do not know the meaning of geo-targeted proximity services.

Or they don’t know how geo targeting is used.

But not here.

Here we have developed the same country specific blogger outreach process that we use at Globex Outreach to post country specific guest posts for our clients.

Globex Outreach Country Specific Guest Publishing Services

Let’s start.

STEP 1: Find local potential prospects

Every blogger outreach process begins with finding the best outreach prospects.

The same goes here:

You find influential, high-authority bloggers, but they all have local and niche-specific sites.

It means:

If you are running a showroom in Portugal, it is better to find local Portuguese outreach sites than UK blogger sites.

You can use the following methods to find the best authority bloggers:

  • Use advanced Google search operators
  • Just search on Google
  • Take help of blogger outreach tools

(See this blog on guest posting opportunities for more blogger prospecting methods)

But the question is:

What is the guarantee that you will find Portuguese sites using these methods?

Simple: you can use « Portuguese » before each search term.

Portuguese fashion blogger sites

You can also change the search parameters.

Access advanced settings …

fashion blogger sites

… And turn the region towards Portugal.

advanced settings

This will give you a huge list of relevant local niche blogger sites.

STEP 2: Carefully choose the best prospects

Remember that not all selected sites are worth showing.

So you should check your list before submitting to bloggers.

Choose the same blogger selection criteria you use when building country-specific links.

You don’t want to fill your inventory with random dudes who can’t do anything for your blogger’s outreach efforts.

Here is what you should consider when selecting sites:

  • High local traffic
  • Domain authority
  • Relevance of the niche
  • Site commitment
  • Social media tracking
  • Influence of local industry

Blogger Outreach sties

Make sure all of these factors follow geographic triggers, such as:

  • Local traffic
  • Local social media followers
  • Focus on local topics
  • Local influence

STEP 3: Build a relationship with bloggers

Do you know what is the worst fear in every country specific blogger awareness campaign?

The fear of REJECTION.

What if:

ThThe blogger deletes your email?

Email doesn’t impress the blogger?

Is your name not catching the blogger’s attention?

There are so many «  what ifs  » and there’s only one way to avoid them:

Build a relationship with the blogger.

Building a relationship doesn’t mean turning the blogger into your friend at 4 a.m.

But it means:

Be on the targeted blogger’s radar so that your email doesn’t feel like a cold email.

Here are some ways to pave the way for a relationship with the blogger:

  • Follow on social networks
  • Leave a comment on social media posts
  • Comment on blogs
  • Share their work
  • Send an appreciation email
  • Ask a question on Quora or on social media
  • Mark them in your thought-provoking articles

You can take different approaches to building relationships.

Here are some approaches:

  • Random approach: In this approach, you start the process by choosing any approach at random and launching other approaches along the way.
  • Lighter to heavy approach: Slowly build momentum by starting with the easier, lighter approach and moving into difficult modes of communication.
  • Mix and Match approach: Start by working on different relationship building scenarios simultaneously.

Personally, I like the mix and match relationship building approach because you never know which arrow might hit the target.

Geographically targeted blogger reach

If you are looking to build a relationship with the elite bloggers in your industry, you may need to put in more effort.

But this step gives you some recognition in the blogger circle.

STEP 4: Send a hot pitch


  • Find prospects
  • Choosing the best fits
  • Build a relationship with them

… It is time to educate them.

Remember that connect with bloggers does not guarantee that all of your outreach emails will be read, and you will get a « yes ».

You need to come up with a compelling email to ensure a positive response.

The key elements of a highly effective outreach email for bloggers are:

# 1: personalized touch

Don’t follow a typical blogger outreach model that many others use. Give a personalized touch to your email that shows your sincerity.

# 2: informal tone

Don’t act like you’re some desperate monster dying to get a link or branded endorsement. Keep your email informal to keep a friendly call.

# 3: to the point

Keep your email focused on a specific point. Instead of talking about the weather and your favorite fruits, keep the content surrounded by the underlying topic.

# 4: Value of the offer

Show the blogger how building a relationship with you will better change their results.

# 5: establish credibility

Establish your authority to induce some value in your words and presence in the industry so that building a relationship with you looks promising.

Here is an example of effective blogger outreach posted on our other blog.

Email Blogger Outreach

This email tone can prompt the blogger to view your content and connect with you.

STEP 5: Follow-up

Make sure you don’t end things with a single link or branding.

Keep fueling your relationship so that you can enjoy all your efforts for a long time.

The goal of all your outreach efforts should be to build a lasting relationship, not to invest time in temporary relationships.

Here’s what you can do to keep your relationship going:

  • Stay connected on social networks
  • Find collaboration opportunities
  • Share their content
  • Don’t forget to appreciate their excellent work

Good relationships are like currency in the company. Save it for use when the time comes.


All of your digital marketing efforts require a focused and focused approach to be successful.

You cannot randomly throw stones and expect them to fall into the pitcher.

If you are a local business targeting a local audience, doing everything possible with a holistic approach will not help.

You need geo-targeted blogger outreach to get the business benefits you want.

The good thing is, it’s neither rocket science nor hard to break.

You just need to keep your approach local, and everything will start to work for you.

Now it’s your turn. Let us know that this blog helped you define your blogger outreach strategy? If yes, how?

A good blog is the call!

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