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So you have written and published a new blog. Now what?

Before you sit down at your keyboard and type in your next idea, you need to give your blog a little boost. You don’t want all that hard work to be wasted, do you?

It can be a tough pill to swallow, but even if you have the best content in the world, if you don’t, it will likely go under the radar of your target audience.

In this article, we’re going to give you 7 fundamental ways to use social media to drive traffic to your blog and get people to notice – and read – your blogs.

Let’s start.

Make content worth sharing easy to share

Is your blog post optimized for social sharing?

Here is a brief checklist for making your blog posts ultra-shareable:

  • White space is your friend.

Divide long blocks of text and keep your paragraphs 2 to 3 sentences.

There is a general consensus that for maximum impact online content should be written at the grade 8 level.

Not sure if your blogs are easy to read? Here’s a free readability checker where you can check your score: Automatic readability checker.

Make your content compelling by using shorter and longer sentences (note: your longest sentence should not exceed 25 words). Use bullet points, images, animations, and infographics to make your post visually appealing.

  • Nail the first three paragraphs.

Present the most important information in the first three paragraphs of your blog. The first few sentences should include the key information (about the topic of the blog), then you can start adding additional details.

Nielsen Norman Group Released the following graph which shows the percentage of website visitors who read a paragraph relative to its location in the text.

As you can see, the percentage of people who keep reading drops dramatically after the third paragraph.

Bucket brigades are sentences that serve as a bridge between one paragraph and the next. They are great for SEO and also make your content skimmable. Examples include:

  1. But first…
  2. Think about it.
  3. Now you should …
  4. But that’s not all.
  5. You see…
  6. Sadly…
  7. As it turns out …

We have found this guide that gives you 502 phrases that you can use to keep your audience reading.

  • Experiment with different headlines to see what touches your audience.

You have seconds to grab your audience’s attention and a good headline is what will make your blog stand out on social media.

Your blog titles should be catchy and make your audience want to know more. here is a informative blog by CoSchedule that goes into great detail about creating titles that work.

  • Make your content shareable by adding tweetable snippets and social sharing buttons.

Research shows that the addition of social sharing buttons leads to 7 times more shares / mentions. Give your blog the best chance to be seen and shared by adding social sharing icons and generate ClickToTweet links for important parts of your blog post.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s see what else you can do to drive more traffic to your blog using social media.

Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags

Hashtags can help you get your content on the radar of people interested and interacting with similar types of content.

For this tactic to be effective and improve your blog traffic, you need to make sure that you using relevant hashtags that help you join ongoing online conversations.

How do you know if your hashtags are working? There are many social networks and hashtag analysis tools It can help you monitor and evaluate your social media efforts and do more of what is working.

Think bigger

Don’t just think of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram.

Go beyond the main social media platforms and also try using social media platforms / forums like Reddit or Quora.

Reddit and Quora are much smaller than the major social networking sites (Reddit has 430 million monthly active users and quora 300 million). However, they are valuable because users are engaged in ongoing conversations.

Use these forums to provide helpful, detailed answers to existing questions and link to your blog.

One thing to note is that being active on these forums is rewarding, but it can take longer than using other social media sites.

Join relevant social media groups

Like forums, social media groups give you access to a community of engaged users who are already interacting with similar content.

Many of these groups will also include other bloggers and brands who are creating similar content. This is why it is important not to choose just any group, but a group in your niche.

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t expect a commitment. In order for social media groups to work for you, you shouldn’t just post your own content, but also interact with the content of others.

Set up automatic replies for new subscribers

Automatic messages are another thing you could and should capitalize on.

Create welcome messages to thank new subscribers for following your page and provide them with a link to your blog, website, or Facebook group.

Add a clear CTA

Often times, you don’t get the engagement you want, not because your audience isn’t engaged, but because you haven’t told them what you’d like them to do next.

Learn from popular YouTubers. Have you noticed that in every video, YouTubers are asking their audience to like and share the video and subscribe to their channel?

You should do the same and ask your audience to share the blog if they like what you have written. You will be surprised at the difference this little modification can make.

Create and follow a schedule

If you don’t currently have and aren’t following a schedule, create one and start doing it. Consistency is the key to social.

Also, your blog visibility will increase if your subscribers know when they should expect a new piece from you.

Instead of hoping your audience will stumble upon your latest content, set expectations with your readers. This will allow them to come back to your page and search for new content, even if your latest posts aren’t showing up on their News Feeds.

Bonus tip: take advantage of your employees

Your employees should be the first to interact with your blog on social media.

Increase reach and initial impressions by asking your employees to like and share your latest post. Make sure your internal influencers who are active on social media and have loyal social media following also share your content with their network.

If you feel resistance, your employees can add valuable comments to determine whether or not they would share your content on their social networks. These free and honest comments could identify key issues that are preventing your content from being shared.


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